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The Sensormatic SmartEAS Solution allows you to quickly, accurately and efficiently link and use information from your EAS, digital video and POS systems. This integrated retail solution gives you real-time intelligence at the store, district or corporate level, and the ability to act on that intelligence quickly.

A key part of this solution is the Sensormatic UltraLink® Alarm Management System, an advanced system that eliminates time-consuming, error-prone manual alarm logging. UltraLink greatly simplifies the entry of alarm data for store employees, helping ensure compliance with security procedures. The system also allows management to track problem areas, automatically tracks response time for all alarms, and provides alarm data in real-time to the corporate level for immediate insight and corrective action.

Beyond theft protection, the SmartEAS solution also provides invaluable operational efficiency tools. Our innovative people counting solution, for example, integrates with the UltraLink system to determine the number of people entering the store, and then automatically communicates the information to corporate headquarters. This information helps management evaluate and refine performance objectives and marketing initiatives, determine the closure rate for merchandise sales, and optimize payroll by effectively planning employee staffing during peak traffic volume periods.

Loss prevention. Security. Operational efficiency. All in one easy-to-use solution. Now you know where SmartEAS got its name.

SmartEAS Solutions:

UltraLink® Alarm Management

People Counting

Known Loss Logging