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This Sensor allows the salt level of plow trucks to not only be viewed by the driver but also by the individual in charge of the trucks at the dispatch center. This will allow plow companies to always have their trucks fully filled with salt and to know when the level is getting low and needs to be refilled.

Vehicles are very expensive possessions and require fairly regular care and maintenance in order to keep them in peak working condition, after all nothing is more annoying than breaking down at the side of road over a problem that could have been prevented. Although users are very good at staying on top of changing vehicle oils, and filling up cars fluids but often neglect to clean vehicle batteries. The vehicle battery is a very important piece of vehicle and without proper cleaning, vehicle user can drastically reduce the lifespan of vehicle battery. Normally a vehicle battery has a lifespan of four to five years but without semiannual cleaning car battery could fail in as little as two years.

Checking the salt level with automatically and getting the details about the same using 24x7 online system can help user to utilize the vehicle to its maximum extent, without having any abrupt stoppages in voyages between origin and destination. Reltronics Technologies implements complete vehicle monitoring and maintenance system with number of sensors for different usages and also with GPS to track user's vehicle. Online System provided by Reltronics Technologies will track user vehicle with respect to the region and location that is in, with all physical level details about user's vehicle.

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