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Retailers large and small have the constant risk of losing stock, caused by customer and staff theft, fraud and robbery. Reltronics Security has retail products & solutions that can reduce shrinkage and improve product flow across the entire supply chain.

With our complete Sensormatic® product line offering, we can provide the broadest and most integrated array of retail solutions available anywhere; solutions that go beyond loss prevention, from manufacturing, right through to checkout, helping you stay focused on the bottom line.

With the ability to integrate a combination of our products, we can provide retailers with a total customized solution to the issue of loss prevention. Our products include:



Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Access Control


More and more retailers are now also adopting Source Protection, the process where anti-theft labels or tags are applied to goods before they leave the manufacturer. This process enables the tagging of a much wider range of goods than with in-store labelling, resulting in broader application that is much more effective and efficient.

We believe what retailers need is the expertise, on hand, to make an informed choice. Whether it is losses from theft, breaking and entering, fire damage, vandalism or the fear of violent attacks, Reltronics Security can provide a comprehensive package of security systems designed to suit all retail needs and budgets. For more information please mail your request to

Small Business Security
When you run a small business, managing time, operations and a budget are important to your success. That's why Reltronics Security offers special services to its valued small business customers.