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Industrial heavy-machine manufacturers have relied on less accurate, more costly handheld devices containing multiple ICs to measure vibration in applications where the slightest motion could cause manufacturing defects. With Reltronics Technologies' intelligent motion sensors, customers can utilize more cost-effective, more accurate solutions for real-time motion measurement which allows a series of alerts to be programmed at pre-defined thresholds for acceptable movement and adjustment.

Reltronics combines high precision accelerometers with all required signal conditioning, processing, power management, firmware, and interfaces to enable a self-contained, programmable sensing solution in a small 9 mm - 9 mm package. Reltronics Technologies offers several features that enhance ease-of-use, while reducing the cost and time associated with system-level sensor integration. Sensitivity and bias levels are factory calibrated, and can be updated through field calibration. In addition, frequency response can be modified through digital filtering, and dual alarm settings are available with user-defined rate/threshold limits and interrupt control. The device also features application-specific programmable power management options. The digital output data from the sensor is provided via an industry-standard SPI (serial port interface).

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