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The capability of the system software to either lock-in or lock-out a vehicle; lock-in pertains to releasing the door locks in case the user accidentally misplaces the keys, lock-out pertains to making the vehicle inaccessible to the user. This can all be done remotely through the online interface of Reltronics Technologies.

Reltronics Technologies utilizes inbuilt vehicle system to automatically lock the door and automatically open it as and when needed using the online system. This system is capable of passing the information to the user if the vehicle is not properly locked using the text messages via built in GSM auto message sender.  This solution helps the customer to keep vigilance remotely on all the vehicles on customer’s possession.


Remotely lock the vehicle at the time of vehicle theft and also can be able to track the vehicle’s current position using the mapping tool online.

Keep 24x7 vigilance on costly vehicles and their movement remotely.

Immobilize vehicle remotely incase of theft.

Manage and maintain vehicle’s resources and take the report on the same on-demand.


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