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About Us

Reltronics Security offers electronic security systems that can help protect your business from burglary and intrusion that could result in devastating property loss and damage. This system is specifically designed to help provide small business with effective, yet affordable security. Intruder alarms go off when a break in occurs and informs our agents who then inform the Authorities of the intrustion.

Intrusion Detection System Benefits:

Reltronics Security offers industry-leading intrusion detection solutions to help protect against unauthorized entry and robbery. In addition our systems are designed to easily integrate with other systems.

Can help to protect your business from robbery and larceny.

Can include options such as hold-up and duress buttons, motion sensors and window and door protection - many of which can benefit your employees’ peace of mind.

Can help identify critical conditions such as high and low temperatures.

Intrusion Detection Solutions:

Burglar alarm system monitoring.

Hold–up and panic signal monitoring.

Critical condition monitoring.