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This Sensor allows the fuel levels of the vehicles to be viewed at all times by the driver and also by the individual in charge of viewing the vehicles on the Reltronics Technologies Interface. This will help your company to always have enough fuel in the vehicles for your drivers at all times and to always be aware of the fuel levels.

We provide sensors which have no moving parts and are ideal for use in extreme environments. All sensors feature fully integrated on-board electronics so there is no need for additional bulky electronic modules. The sensors are factory calibrated in the applicable fuel and are provided with customized software to allow users to re-calibrate the sensors according their requirements.

Our fuel level sensors will operate to temperatures of 125°C and are compatible with all grades of:





We also provide customized sensors and solutions to match other fuel level condition monitoring also, based on the customer requirement.

We offer fuel sensors, which are fully custom designed to meet user requirements, and environment conditions accordingly.

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