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Reltronics Security Software supports industry standard Electronic Article Surveillance systems and accessories. Our solution providers are the world’s leading brands of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) systems & innovations, and offer the most effective anti-shoplifting technology available. With the highest detection rate in the industry, our solution providers allow for wide exit coverage, reliable deactivation, and virtually no false alarms. This industry-leading technology can detect tagged merchandise within foil-lined bags - even in metal shopping carts - and it's effective on products containing liquids and non-ferrous metals. No other anti-shoplifting product can make these claims. Then again, no other anti-shoplifting product is backed by the combined knowledge and experience of Reltronics Security Software.

Electronic Article Surveillance System Benefits:

Visible and discreet detection systems provide flexibility for various coverage or budget requirements

Proven reliability and performance

Exceptional defeat resistant, patent protected EAS tags

Excellent tag detection in a variety of exit widths

Variety of reliable deactivation solutions, including innovative integrated scanner/deactivators

Virtually no false alarms

Electronic Article Surveillance Solutions:

Detection systems



EAS tags

Benefit Denial tags