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Utilizing a combination of transaction monitoring and cameras we can keep track of who did what transaction when at a cash register.  The cameras will watch as the transaction happens in real time and record everything happening during it.  The monitoring will store the information and then associate it with the appropriate camera recording, resulting in a play by play of all transactions. Additionally, a wireless ID system may be utilized to prevent unauthorized access to a cash register, or determine the identity of a larcenous employee in case of another monitoring system’s failure.

The monitoring device includes a shadow box having a face on which the amount of cash sales rung up on the cash register is conspicuously reproduced in a suitably remote location above and back of the normally obstructed cash register, in full view of all the customers in the establishment where the cash register is being used. The means for reproducing the digits of the cash amount onto the face of the shadow box comprises a code strip mounted adjacent each digit numeral shown in the cash register corresponding to the numerical value represented thereby, a set of photocells being mounted in front of each of the code strips for sensing the numeric codes on the corresponding code strips,, and wiring connections from these photocells extending to decoder circuits in the remote shadow box for reproducing the numerals in the corresponding digit positions on the face of the shadow box.

The Overhead People Counter is installed above the main entrance, and / or cash register.  The people who enters and exits the restaurant, and time, is detected, recorded and stored.  The number of persons who pass before the cash register is also recorded.  This data can be used to verify cash register receipts vs number of persons and number of bills paid.  Since the data is time stamped, the arrival of staff can be discounted by time, and if the traffic through the cash register restricted to customers, provides an accurate record of customer traffic past the register.  Cash falsification can then be detected.

Since the data can be remotely accessed through the standard serial data link (by modem), the correlation of cash receipts vs. traffic can be done at any time, even several months after the fact, as the traffic data is stored in memory.  Suspicious scenarios can thus be evaluated by normal accounting methods in retrospect.

The people traffic can also be used to evaluate peaks and lulls of business, as each time stamp can be specified in minute, 10 minutes or by the hour.

Summary of Features

The Overhead People Counter provides unobtrusive monitoring and recording of the traffic through key areas, without the obvious presence of video monitoring. The data can be processed numerically, using standard accounting methods, whereas video monitoring requires labor intensive review of tapes and manual correlation with cash receipts.

The camera captures the whole room with its fisheye lens and offers an internal distortion correction. This technology allows users to zoom-in and watch a certain area, whereas the whole scene is recorded.

The passive infrared sensor and a lot of software features like video motion detection, e-mail, FTP, exposure control with automatic backlight correction make this camera an intelligent, robust and professional solution without moving parts.
All cameras in the network can be automatically located at the touch of a button and prepared for recording with the video motion sensor. The integrated layout editor provides for quickly designing and integrating the camera views into building and floor plans as well as area maps.

Automatically synchronized time tracking makes it possible to search for events on several different cameras simultaneously. The post processing software offers correction of super-wide-angle lens distortion in the live display as well as in recording playback, image section enlargement and editing for printing and storage functions.

The advantages of the Overhead People Counter include:

Easy install and customization as per the requirement of the customer.

Remote, unobtrusive gathering of people traffic

Data is provided in spread sheet compatible format, time stamped.

Data can be processed by clerical staff quickly, unlike video tapes

Low cost of purchase & installation.

Units can be easily relocated to other sites in a minimum of fuss or cost

Serial data port allows the monitoring of many locations from one central site.

Built-In-Test feature provides quick assurance of correct operation.


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