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Anti-Theft Pressure Sensor Integration: The capability of the device to sense a sudden change in pressure within the cabin in case of a break-in due to window shattering. This will automatically send you an alert via text message or e-mail. Also the unit will lock the engine, making the vehicle immobile, keeping your vehicle safe from being stolen.


Reltronics Technologies installs pressure sensor devices, which are of higher pressure sensitivity, lower temperature sensitivity, and reduced power consumption. Such sensors typically measure pressure by the capacitive changes resulting from variations in the distance between a movable diaphragm and a substrate that occur because of pressure changes. On normal operation condition, an exterior pressure or stress causes a change in a gap interposed between opposing electrodes, so that capacitance will be changed between the diaphragm and electrodes. The amount of the changed capacitance is then converted into an electrical signal, which involves with the magnitude of the stress or the pressure.

Reltronics Technologies' pressure sensor has a substrate on which is provided a diaphragm, which changes its shape in accordance with pressure, and a substrate which an electrode is provided on; these substrates are bonded together so as to face each other with a gap there between. Pressure is detected based on change in the capacitance between the diaphragm and the electrode. These pressure sensors typically include a fixed element having a rigid, planar conductive surface forming one plate of a substantially parallel plate capacitor. A displaceable conductive member, such as a metal diaphragm, or a plated non-conductive member, such as a metalized ceramic diaphragm, forms the other plate of the capacitor.

Generally, the diaphragm is edge-supported so that a central portion is substantially parallel to and opposite the fixed plate. These sensors can be made highly accurate and repeatable. In gage transmitters that electronically calculate a pressure difference based on two absolute pressure sensor outputs, accuracy and repeatability of the sensors are particularly important to avoid introducing errors in the subtraction process. These silicon sensors can be made to be small in size and can easily be made by surface micromachining. Data pertaining to the same is stored in the storage media and will presented to the intended audience in pictorial / graph format with tabular information on customized display equipment based on the requirements of the customers.

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