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Reltronics Technologies upgrades their SmartInstrument to include GPS Tracking and Location Identification Read more



Nebraska Heart Hospital selects Reltronics Technologies for automating record tracking at the hospital. Read more



New York State Agriculture & Markets selects Reltronics Technologies for deploying an automated RFID-based Live Bird Crate Tracking System Read more



Reltronics Technologies assists Fortune 100 companies on their Data Privacy Intiatives. Read more



Reltronics Technologies receives New York State Certification to install, service, and maintain security or fire alarm systems Read more



Reltronics Technologies unveils an upgrade program for their SmartInstrument to include GPS tracking over GSM and GPRS wireless networks



Reltronics Technologies' RFID system alerts the Chicago Police Department if an asset leaves its designated building. Read more



Clemson University chooses Reltronics Technologies for their Inbound Process on Insurance Premium Refund Read more



University of Illinois expands partnership with Reltronics Technologies for RFID systems Read more



University of Illinois signs another contract with Reltronics Technologies to install yet another RFID system in another department on the Chicago Campus.


15- Dec- 2007

Reltronics Technologies completes the deployment of the RFID system at the Grant Hall of the UIC Chicago Campus Read more


01- Dec- 2007

Reltronics Technologies increases their presence on the NextGen front by creating novel templates to ease the EMR interface navigation. Read more .


20- Nov- 2007

Clemson University chooses Reltronics Technologies for outsourcing their insurance claim transactions. Read more


24 -Oct- 2007

Reltronics Technologies Completes the assessment for the RFID system at the University of Illinois.  Read more.


15- Oct-2007

Advanced Pain Management extends their relationship with Reltronics Technologies to continue to provide NextGen Application and Product Support Read more


30- Sep-2007

Reltronics Technologies is chosen by the University of Illinois to implement an RFID system to monitor moving and fixed assets at the Chicago Campus Read more


24 -Sep- 2007

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Rochester Institute of Technology  has deployed Reltronics Technologies' Learn More...


10- Jun- 2007

Reltronics Technologies is a vertible attribute at the RFID World 2007 (Boston), Software Development, Embedded Systems Conference (September 19-20, 2007) Learn More...


5- Jun -2007

Reltronics Technologies perpetrate to proclaim at the RFID World 2007 (Boston), Software Development, Embedded Systems Conference (September 19-20, 2007)


28 -Ma-y 2007

Reltronics Technologies SmartInstrument middleware has been implemented at "Rochester Institute of Technology"


20- May- 2007

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) constitutes Reltronics Technologies to procreate the  RFID Center of Excellence at RIT.


5- May- 2007

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) chooses Reltronics Technologies for long-term strategic partnership.


28- Apr- 2007

Reltronics Technologies identified as experts in the e-Pedigree and Drug-Pedigree related issues.
Presenter's Portfolio Link


26- Apr- 2007

Reltronics Technologies presents  at the Interphex 2007 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center SC8: Security and Integrity in Chain of Custody Hand-off Related to Drug or e-pedigree . Learn More...


25- Apr -2007

Reltronics Technologies ostend at the PharmaDevice2007 Exhibition at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.
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29- Mar- 2007

Reltronics Technologies commence (sole presentation) at the RFID World 2007:RFID is expedient for meager organizations.             Learn More...


28- Mar- 2007

Reltronics Technologies presents in a panel at the RFID World 2007. (Wednesday, March 28, 2007)KEYNOTE PANEL: RFID Technology Rapid Fire Roundtable.  Learn More...


1 -Jan -2007

Reltronics Technologies SmartInstrumentTM middleware has been implemented at "Advanced Pain Management"--Wisconsin Clinic Opts for RFID Solution offered by Reltronics Technologies.
see article on RFID Journal


15- Dec- 2006

Reltronics Technologies gets listed by major industry supplier and identifiers:
( www.SpecialtyPub.com)


10- Dec- 2006

Reltronics Technologies continuously featured for one of the most captivating and peculiar technology creators support. Reltronics Technologies RFID products and solutions.


1- Dec- 2006

Reltronics Technologies deploys the first fully validated SmartInstrument-based ReALTrack-Drug Pedigree System for additional field trials.


29- Nov- 2006

Reltronics Technologies is formulated as the developer of the Middleware Solution which simultaneously supports active and passive RFID readers.


23- Nov -2006

Reltronics Technologies completes Beta testing for Standalone ReALTrack-Drug Pedigree System.


05- Nov- 2006

Reltronics Technologies commits Gold sponsorship of RFID 2007 with Intel (www.ShoreCliffCommunications.com).


25- Oct- 2006

Reltronics Technologies deploys SmartInstrument-based ReALTrack-Records Management System.


12- Oct- 2006

Reltronics Technologies supports 433 MHz RFID hardware.


22- Sep -2006

Reltronics Technologies cited as the developer of a Novel Idea to Harmonize Automatic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems